We offer on site blood draw to our patients

Welcome to Main Line Family Medicine

If you are looking for a new physician, or would like to compliment your existing healthcare with on-demand service, our convenience, quality and cost are unmatched.


  • Care for people of all ages and both genders
  • Diagnose and treat 90% of all diseases, including mental health concerns
  • Treat conditions of all organ systems, and not limiting our practice to a specific organ system
  • Treat the whole patient by taking into account all medical, social and mental health concerns of the individual
  • Practice prevention and health maintenance in addition to treating illness
  • Make long-lasting relationships with patients and families, which facilitates treatments
  • Provide high quality, convenient, and affordable care
  • Use communication technologies in addition to traditional care to provide direct access to your physician
  • Provide access to affordable healthcare, even for many uninsured patients
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