At Main Line Family superior, outcome oriented, patient care is our priority. We care about our patients and respect their time. We answer phone calls promptly, minimize wait time, provide high quality care in a friendly environment. We combine traditional family oriented approach with the latest advanced knowledge base and current technology. We have a very gently and empathetic approach to our patient's needs. We combine a multi-disciplinary approach in order to meet the variety of circumstances that we encounter in our patient care.

  • Care for people of all ages and both genders
  • Diagnose and treat 90% of all diseases, including mental health concerns
  • Treat conditions of all organ systems, and not limiting our practice to a specific organ system
  • Treat the whole patient by taking into account all medical, social and mental health concerns of the individual
  • Practice prevention and health maintenance in addition to treating illness
  • Make long-lasting relationships with patients and families, which facilitates treatments
  • Provide high quality, convenient, and affordable care
  • Use communication technologies in addition to traditional care to provide direct access to your physician
  • Provide access to affordable healthcare, even for many uninsured patients
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